CWB December 2001

Woodworker: Custom Millcraft, Cincinnati, OH

Category: Architectural Millwork

Project: Fairfield Lane Public Library

Materials Used: Marlite makore hall panels; maple veneer with maple hardwood for the circulation desk and casework; painted spheres and triangles at the entrance; Wilsonart laminates.

Construction Details: Drawings were fabricated using AutoCAD 14. Fabrication for the desks was started with programs for the company’s Morbidelli point-to-point boring machine. After the parts were machined, the shop assembled a “skeleton” frame of the wall. All maple veneer panels were then cut on a sliding table saw and applied to the frame. After the wall was completed, the shop made templates from the top of the wall and created sub-straights for the Corian transaction top and countertop. All of the maple wood edge was applied after all of the tops were machined to size. The final steps consisted of finishing with a clear stain, applying a colored stain (two colors) and three layers of clear finish.

Design: All pieces of the millwork were designed to be functional. The children’s desk has a bright, geometrical look but also can accommodate two people working behind it at the same time. The main circulation desk can accommodate up to five people at the same time. The layout of the desk is very wide and long, which directs the customer to the focal points.

Each piece of furniture represents the area it sets in. The children’s desk and casework area is very bright. Both circulation desks match the main atrium of the building, and the “Teen Zone” desk and casework are designed with a “constant flow” or “busy” look.

The architectural firm was Steed-Hammond-Paul; general contractor was Wright-Seyferth


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